About us

Dieter Eppert

Sawadee, Welcome.
in a fascinating country, which I became acquainted with many years ago and which is my homeland today.

In Germany for many years I have been working as a freelancer IT-Consultant. In the years 2004 and 2005 I was an employee of a Consulting Company in Phuket and Chiang Mai. Thus I could collect valuable insights to the business life and gain interesting experiences about the people and the life in Thailand.
I have met my wife Walliya during this activity. We are married since 2006.

Walliya Poonakaow

Walliya grew up in the Isaan, where the Homestay project developed now. She is a traveller between the Thai and German world. Therefore, she knows not only the German mentality but speaks German and English very well. And she can provide many facets of her Thai native country for other people very descriptive.

"Vacation on the farm in Thailand" was first our idea. Today EiDi Homestay is an area with guest houses and apartments as well as the starting point for the excursions of European tourists in genuine, original Thailand.

Our European guests get interesting insights into the country life and get to know the people and her agriculture from immediate experience.

We are pleased to welcome you in our homestay
Dieter Eppert und Walliya Poonakaow 

By the way...
In Thailand it is usual to lead a nickname apart from the official name. The nickname is often already selected in the birth by the family and is used in the everyday life.

Walliya was given the nickname "Ei", the name of a Thai legend princess. And thus originated from “Ei” and “Dieter”, the name “EiDi Homestay” was born


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