• terrace
    Curl up in a comfortable lounge chair. The large covered terrace is the ideal place for a chat with new friends from the neighborhood, to read a book or just relax.
  • Bungalow exterior view
    The detached bungalows are designed to be barrier-free. Each bungalow is surrounded by green areas and on the rear side you can find a large fruit and vegetable garden. Permanent residents can also make their own little garden here.
  • exterior view of the apartment
    exterior view of an apartment; Two apartments are combined to a semidetached house
  • exterior view of the apartment
    three smaller simple rooms with king size bed, ceiling fan, TV and a refrigerator for guests who are travelling throug.
  • exterior view of the apartment
    Exterior view of the main building. Here are two more apartments next to our own living area. At the head of the building you will find our small, thai-typical fast food restaurant which is opened daily from 8:00 to 17:00.
  • exterior view main building
  • bathroom at a high standard.
    The equipment of our bathrooms are on the European standard. All shower rooms have a washbowl with large mirror, flow-type heater and a hair dryer.
  • bedroom
    In the bedroom a king size bed 180 * 200cm and a mirrored cabinet offering the necessary comfort. All Bungalows and Guestrooms are equipped with air conditioning and one big wall or ceiling fan for cooling.
  • layout of an Apartment
    Layout of an apartment; They have two bedrooms, a living room, a small bathroom and a utility room with sink and refrigerator.
  • layout of a Bungalow
    Layout of a Bungalow; The bungalows feature a large living room and a large shower room. Living and sleeping areas are separated by a partition from one another. Includes TV, fridge and a small sink.


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