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Wat Phutta Nimit (Phu Khao)
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In this large park area you may visit several worthwhile sites.
The park is a closed compound, but opens daily for the visitors of the temple.

To help keep the free animals in the park, the visitors are requested to open and close the entrance gate by themselves.
Throughout school holidays and weekends, you may also find children from the village offereing this service to earn some pocket money.

As opposed to other places, this location is not besieged by mobile cooking shops, drink sellers or ice cream carts. Please remember, therefore, to bring at least a bottle of water for your visit.

In recent years, a large Chedi hosting a famous relique was built in the park.
A Buddhist school garden preserves and displays the diversity of the local flora.
Stone carvings document scenes of the life of the Buddha and large, impressive tree roots which were recovered from Lampao Dam decorate the siting of the Chedi.

Below a large rock, a resting Buddha has been carved into the stone around 1692 and is a revered place by Buddhist believers ever since. The relief measures about 2 meters in length, 50 cm in breadth and 25 cm in depth.
The resting Buddha takes a very uncommon position, as its head is being held by the left hand, and not, as usually, by the right hand. A legend goes that Moggallana, one of Buddha's followers, carved the relief some 2,000 years ago.
Every year at Songkhran festival in the month of April, the Buddha is revered in a bathing ceremony.

Visit the beautiful Ubosot made of massive teak. This wooden temple has an open prayer and ceremonial area. You can see three dimensional wooden carvings at the windows, doors and ceilings, displaying scenes of the life of the Buddha and Jataka counts (tales of the life of the Buddha).

Wihan Sangkhanimit
Wihan Sangkhanimit hosts hundreds of rare Buddha statues, amulets and documents.